South slope sanctuary

Working with both the landlord and tenant on this spacious rental we transformed the classic lot. We carved a gentle arch for a green lawn and bordered it with a mix of partial sun/shade tolerant perennials as the space demands. The existing stunning tri-color Beech leafs out to an electric pink in the spring then fades to allow a mainly white and red palette to emerge. Limelight hydrangeas anchor the foundation plantings on the sides and Boxleaf honeysuckle forms an evergreen border at the curved line. Two Magnolia grandiflora stand in the far corners with groupings of Monarda and Anemones in front. A few painted ferns are nestled under an existing red twig Dogwood and groupings of perennial Geranium make a strong showing in the spring along with a favorite, firefly Heuchera, whose tiny dancing flowers nearly match the electric pink beech leaves. Potted herbs on the patio are accessible for grilling, cocktails and mild aroma.